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Cake Wellington Story


Hi, I am Theja Idris. I make beautiful novelty birthday cakes and personalised wedding cakes in and around wellington.

To tell you a little about myself, I was born in Sri Lanka and come from a family of 5. From a young age I have always been passionate about cooking and I used to help my mum in making the meals for the family. As I grew older my interests in cooking lead me to find a passion for both baking and arts & crafts.

I started off with stitching designs on clothing and then I moved onto designing wedding cards & postcards. I began making cakes for my family very early on as a hobby but because I was getting an overflow of praise and orders I have turned it into a business today.

I have over 10 years of experience in Cake designing which I apply to each and every cake I create to make it truly unique. My extensive knowledge of cake filing allows me to concoct my very own filing which supersedes anything you can find at your local bakery. With a lot of practice and dedicated learning, I have specialised in cake decorating and fondants.

When I am not designing cakes I am busy working as a professional graphic designer. I work on a wide variety of different projects, ranging from website designing to posters to even magazines.

Since I spend so much time in the kitchen I have developed a love for cooking. I enjoy experimenting with different cuisines, from Chinese to Indian and various others. Cooking for my family and friends is always a pleasure and currently, my fish curry is the most enjoyed dish.

I currently live in Wellington with my husband and my two beautiful children. They have supported me through all my endeavours and they are my source of inspiration.


Theja Idris